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VPS - Virtual Private Server Hosting

Aditel provides a cost effective, reliable, VPS solution that is hosted right here in Australia. We are 100% Australian owned and we only use Australian data centres. This ensures there are no issues with legal jurisdiction and offers you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure in our local environment.

VPS - Linux CentOS

Linux Platform
[64bit OS, 1GIG Memory, 1CPU]

Base Virtual Server - Linux OS. As an example; this platform is suitable to host a Kerio Connect or EXIM mail server.

From: $99.00 per month

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VPS - WIN2008

Windows 2008 R2 Platform
[2GIG Mem, 1CPU, 100GIG HDD]

Windows Server, 5 User desktop resource, VMware View Client Access.

From: $349.75 per month

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VPS5 - WIN2008 R2

Windows 2008 R2 Platform
[4GIG Mem, 2CPU, 200GIG HDD]

Windows Server, 5 User desktop resources,
Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 Standard,
VMware View Client Access.

From: $495.95 per month

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All services are maintained behind proprietory firewalls and access control mechanisms. These mechanisms allow Aditel to monitor all access 24/7; thus maintaining a high level of service and availability.

Backups are conducted automatically and under the strictist controls. Servers and all associated data are maintained with snapshots and incremental backups created daily. All data is mirrored across multiple data storage arrays and physical sites.

Aditel data centres is maintain connectivity via multiple wholesale upstream providers. Each site is connected directly using multiple fibre and cable technologies; provisioned with multiple levels of redundancy in access.

Dedication to quality of service. We are about delivering the best possible outcome for your business, delivering the best possible customer experience.

Fully Managed and Supported IT

This is the future of business computing
"no need for an inhouse server"

All VPS enviroments are hosted using VMware and Citrix virtualisation technology, providing extensive tools and abilities to monitor and control your Virtual Server environment.

Gone are the days where your business needs to host, maintain or own a physical Server.

Aditel can provision and host a Server environment specific to your business needs; hosting all desktop resources, productivity programs [office, word, excel], email, CRM/ERP, Accounting software, Company Data, and so on. With an Aditel hosted environment you simply install our VMware View Client software to your local Desktop PC, Laptop, iPad, SmartPhone etc and then securely connect to your hosted Virtual Server at Aditel. "Its That Easy".... We fully maintain your Hosted Virtual Server; providing backups, security, anit-virus protection, updates and most importantly Redundancy; unlike your existing in-house server, which is most likely a single physical PC/Server.

Aditel hosts your Server using VMware or Citrix virtualisation technologies, which allow your Virtual Server to reside accross several very powerful physical servers and be available accross multiple physical data centres. No Single Point of Failure. If one of our servers fails, dies, or needs to be shutdown, your Virtual Server will continue to operate and be available. If required, if it will transparently move to an alternate physical server or site.

Aditel hosted solutions offer the flexibility of expansion, to grow with your business. The ability to expand capacity, with either server memory, storage, or CPU power. With an Aditel Virtual Hosted Server, it is as simple as point and click, to increase or decrease server capacity, memory, disk space, add CPU's with little or no service interruptions.

Economically it make sense to subscribe to an Aditel hosted service as an alternative to Self-Hosted IT.


Aditel can provide your business with a solution tailored to your needs and budget. Our team is available to discuss your needs and produce a scope of works, quotation and timeline for deployment. Simply give us a call or send us an email and we will be more than happy to discuss what options are available. Please call 1300 730 991 or email vps@aditel.com.au back to top