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DaaS - Desktop as a Service or Virtual PC

Q. What is DaaS?
A. DaaS meaning Desktop as a Service; is the provision of a Virtual PC, which operates an OS either Windows 7 or XP and generates a desktop environment not desimilar to any physical desktop PC. This Virtual PC operates within a very large array or cluster of servers and is accessed via the Internet.

Q. What Programs can be installed on my DaaS?
A. Just like your physical PC, your DaaS or Virtual PC operates with an OS [operating system] such as MS Windows 7 and will run most programs as you would on a real physical PC.


VPS - Virtual Private Server

Q. What is VPS?
A. VPS meaning Virtual Private Server; is the provision of a Virtual PC, which operates an OS [operating system] such as Windows Server or Linux and generates a server environment the same as a physical Server.

Domain, Email & Web Hosting
Q. How do i transfer my website?

A. You can transfer your existing site using cPanel site transfer. Your website needs to be still active with existing provider and the hosting system needs to be cPanel, or a compatible system.

or an Aditel technician can do this for you; simply email support@aditel.net.au for assistance

Data Protection & Backup
Q. How is my data stored?

A. All data, including Virtual Machine images are maintained on multiple storage arrays, at no less than two physical locations.  Each and every storage device within the storage array is established with data mirrored across several physical disks, mirrored across multiple storage devices and across multiple arrays.  If something should go wrong and a hard drive fails or a storage device fails; you will not lose data or experience downtime.

Aditel maintains and hosts all customer data including backup data within Australia; using hardware and infrastructure owned by Aditel.

As standard practice, all customer data is encrypted [AES256] and stored using ACLs that determine who has access to read, write or delete files. 

Q. How is my data backed up?

A. In anticipation of file corruption or human error such as accidental file deletion; a minimum of one incremental backup will be created each day including all your data, files and system information.  Incremental backups are maintained independent of the operating environment and stored securely for a minimum period of 60 days.  You have the ability to recover from those unforeseen events, allowing restoration of any data or file to any day, within the preceding 60 days.

Q. How can I create additional backups or backup processes?

A. simply email support@aditel.net.au and an Aditel representative will contact you to discuss your requirements.